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Trinity Bible Fellowship Church

Building Faith: The Expansion of Trinity Bible Fellowship Church

With its 12,600 sq ft add-on and 1,800 sq ft renovation, Trinity Bible Fellowship Church was excited to show the team at Fleetwood Bank their new facilities. The project broke ground in January 2023, and since then Trinity Bible Fellowship has grown strong with the backing of their financial partner, Fleetwood Bank.

In Blandon, Pennsylvania, Trinity Bible Fellowship Church stands as a testament of faith and community. However, like many non-profit organizations, Trinity faced challenges when it came to expanding its facilities to better serve its congregation and community. Yet, through perseverance and the support of a local financial institution, Fleetwood Bank, Trinity’s plans became a reality.

Brian Grafe, Treasurer of Trinity Bible Church, reflects on the journey that led them to where they are today. In January of 2017, Trinity had merged with Faith Bible Fellowship, a smaller congregation seeking growth opportunities. This merger was not just about combining resources but also about sharing a vision for the future. Brian notes, “We are better together than we were separately apart.”

As plans for expansion took shape, Trinity found itself in need of financial support. Despite initial challenges in securing funding from banking institutions, Trinity found a partner in Fleetwood Bank.

"From banking with Fleetwood Bank prior to the merge, both churches knew of Fleetwood Bank and their great reputation of being a local bank committed to local organizations. It was naturally the first place to start."

Mark Stabolepszy, Chairman of the Elder board, highlights Fleetwood Bank’s commitment to the community as a driving factor in their decision-making process. “We thought we would have two options to compare against each other, but the other banks were never really an option” Mark recalls.

Fleetwood Bank’s involvement went beyond financial support; it became a testament to the power of community partnerships. Dan Williams, Lead Pastor of Trinity Bible Church, emphasizes the significance of having the right people around you. “With God, all things are possible, but it also helps to have a good relationship with a local bank like Fleetwood Bank,” Dan affirms.

The expansion project not only provided Trinity with much-needed space but also served as a catalyst for community engagement. With new facilities in place, Trinity could host events and gatherings that brought people together in fellowship and worship. From Thanksgiving feasts to a community food pantry, the expanded space became a hub for fostering relationships and spiritual growth.

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