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Small Business Week

Celebrating Small Business Week

Small Business Week provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the resilience, creativity, and dedication of these small business owners who work tirelessly to turn their visions into reality. It’s a time to recognize their contributions not only to the local economy but also to the fabric of our neighborhoods, fostering a sense of community spirit. 

Fleetwood Bank is proud to be a financial partner to small businesses like Ann Henry Home Decor. As a community bank, Fleetwood Bank pledges to serve as a financial guide and trusted advisor.



Featuring Ann Henry Home Décor: A Local Success Story

In the heart of Blandon, Pennsylvania, Ann Henry Home Décor stands as a testament to entrepreneurship and community spirit. Founded in 2015 by Nancy Michael, Ann Henry Home Décor offers a delightful array of home décor items, ranging from framed pictures to Amish-made furniture, all hand-selected by Nancy herself to ensure quality and affordability. Nancy notes that there are always “some surprises” to be find in the store as well – from one-of-a-kind items and select vintage finds.

After years of growth and dedication to serving the local community, Ann Henry Home Décor recently embarked on an exciting journey, relocating to the Maidencreek Towne Center at 850 Golden Drive. This move represents not just a change in address, but a strategic step towards further enriching the bond with the Blandon community.

As Nancy Michael, the owner of Ann Henry Home Décor, expressed, “Our new location at Maidencreek Towne Center allows us to continue our growth and deepen our connection with the Blandon community.” Having been born and raised in the area she still resides in, the Blandon community means a lot to Nancy. The move to this vibrant commercial hub offers new opportunities for expansion and engagement with customers old and new. In a recent article in the Reading Eagle, the relocation of Ann Henry Home Décor to Maidencreek Towne Center was celebrated as a testament to its growth and commitment to the community. Rob Marek, executive vice president of Raider Realty, expressed excitement about welcoming Ann Henry Home Décor as a valued tenant, recognizing the significance of local businesses in shaping vibrant commercial spaces.

Nancy attributes part of this success to the vital role played by Fleetwood Bank, a trusted financial partner since 2016, stating, “Fleetwood Bank handles all of Ann Henry’s regular banking needs, as well as receiving electronic deposits and providing change for the register.”

Nancy began her banking relationship with Fleetwood Bank after realizing that the regional chain bank she had been using for her business was "not able to provide the tailored service that businesses need."

But it’s not just about transactions; it’s about relationships. Nancy highlights the personal attention and genuine interest shown by Fleetwood Bank, noting how “it is great to go into a bank where the tellers and managers know your name and are always willing to help.” This personalized approach, coupled with a deep understanding of local businesses, sets Fleetwood Bank apart as a pillar of support for businesses like Ann Henry Home Décor.

"Fleetwood Bank offers remarkable personal attention. Their staff knows your name, provides assistance, and understands your business because they're part of the community. They celebrate your success on social media, fostering a close-knit relationship. Some of their employees are also customers and friends, embodying the ideal local business relationship."

Small businesses are the essential of any community, driving economic growth and fostering a sense of identity. When you choose to bank locally, you’re investing in this line of prosperity. Despite its asset size, small and mid-sized banks account for more than half of all small business lending. By supporting local banks, you’re ensuring that your hard-earned money stays within your community, bolstering local businesses and creating jobs. Check out Ann Henry Home Decor’s Facebook page to learn more and support local.

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