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ATM & Debit Card Details

ATM & Debit Card Details

Daily limits are set for all ATM and Point of Sale (POS) transactions when using your Fleetwood Bank ATM or Debit Card. These amounts are listed in the chart below. If you plan on making a purchase higher than the daily limit, please contact us to discuss alternative options.

 ATM Withdrawal LimitPOS Withdrawal Limit
Fleetwood Bank ATM Card$610.00$1,000.00
Fleetwood Bank Debit Card$610.00$1,000.00
Fleetwood Bank Pinnacle Club Debit Card$2,500.00$5,000.00
Fleetwood Bank Business Debit Card$610.00$2,500.00

Access your money when and where you need it. The MoneyPass network offers tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs coast-to-coast, located where you live, work and travel. Visit to find a convenient ATM location, or download the MoneyPass mobile app to your iPhone or Android device.

Pinnacle Club Debit Cards and Business Debit Cards earn reward points through “uChoose Rewards” simply by using your card for all your everyday purchases! Click on the link to sign up and start earning and redeeming your points!

Replacement Card$10.00
Card Expedite Fee$50.00
Non-Customer ATM Fee$ 3.00
Fleetwood Bank ATM Fee for withdrawals
at other banks’ ATMs (if applicable)
$ 1.50

Stay safe online with MasterCard SecureCode at absolutely no charge to you! MasterCard SecureCode is a free service that provides extra security when making online purchases by preventing unauthorized uses before they happen.

All cards issued by Fleetwood Bank are protected by a program that provides industry-leading technology, tools and proven expertise to manage fraud. All transactions are evaluated in “real time” to determine if high-risk conditions are met. If so, the transaction is denied at the authorization level. If potential fraud is detected on your card, a fraud analyst will attempt to contact you immediately to verify if the transaction was authorized by you. In the event that you cannot be reached they may temporarily block your card, until you contact Fraud Prevention Services at 1-833-337-6075 or 1-614-564-5105 (International) to verify potential fraudulent activity. To ensure we can reach you whenever potential fraud is detected, please keep us updated with your correct telephone number (home and cell) and address at all times.

  • Traveling: Please alert us to any travel plans and we will add a note to your account to avoid transactions from being blocked. If traveling internationally or making international internet purchases, we must be notified to allow international transactions to be processed on your card.
  • Lost or Stolen Debit Cards: Please call 1-833-337-6075 immediately to help prevent unauthorized transactions from occurring.
Activating Cards and PIN Changes1-800-992-3808
Fraud Prevention1-833-337-6075
Lost/Stolen Cards1-833-337-6075
Lost/Stolen Cards – INTERNATIONAL1-614-564-5105
uChoose RewardsOnline Chat and Email available through website
  • Review your accounts on a regular basis to keep track of your balance and account activity.  Internet Banking and Mobile Banking are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow you to monitor your account activity at any time, rather than waiting for your monthly statement.
  • Set up Mobile Card Services, part of our Fleetwood Bank App.
  • Know where your cards are at all times, and never leave your wallet or purse unattended.  Do not let your card out of your sight when making purchases in a store or restaurant.
  • Keep your card, personal identification number (PIN) and password secure.  Do not carry your PIN with your card.  Never write your PIN number down on a slip of paper that you keep in your purse or wallet.
  • Protect the privacy of your transaction. Do not let anyone see you enter your PIN while you are standing at an ATM.  When entering your PIN, block the keypad with your other hand to prevent hidden cameras from recording your number.
  • Be suspicious. In the U.S. and abroad, criminals have used artificial fronts on ATM machines and cameras to steal card information and drain accounts. If you notice something strange about an ATM, skip your transaction and notify your financial institution.
  • Do not leave the ATM unattended for any period of time while your account is open.  People around you can withdraw money within seconds, while you are distracted.
  • Do not leave your receipts on the scene, even in the trash.  Thieves comb garbage cans for financial information.
  • If you are making a transaction online, you should make sure that it is done over HTTPS so that the data remains secure.  Look for a sign that indicates that the site is secure (i.e. a padlock on the address bar or the URL will say “https://”).
  • “Phishing” is a popular form of computer fraud that uses deception to get personal financial information from targeted individuals. The cybercriminal lures victims by creating emails, pop-up windows and websites that appear to represent a legitimate business in order to obtain private information. “Smishing” is a similar phish for personal financial information that is completed by sending a single message over a cell phone in the form of a text or voice mail.  Never supply any personal information or debit card information requested in either format.  

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