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Returning Home and Finding Success : Frutchey Endodontics

Brian C. Frutchey, DMD, is the founder of Frutchey Endodontics. He was born and raised in Riverview Park, where he attended the Muhlenberg School District. Brian received his BS in Biochemistry/Cell Biology from Bucknell University and his DMD degree from the University of Pennsylvania as the class valedictorian.  Brian has been practicing Endodontics for over 20 years and is an active member of the American Association of Endodontists.

Growing up, Brian Frutchey knew that he wanted to work in healthcare. He asserts that his passion was always helping people alleviate their pains. He started his first practice in 2003 in Lewisville, Colorado after having recently received his Endodontic certificate from Tufts University. He claims that his entrepreneurial spirit came from his dad being a business owner. While in Colorado, Brian would often return to his hometown in Berks County, Pennsylvania to visit his parents. When thinking about his future in Colorado, he decided to move back so that his kids could be closer to their grandparents. He states, “I could do a root canal anywhere and what better place to do it than the place I consider home – Berks County.” 

When opening up Frutchey Endodontists, Brian described it as a long process from finding the right location to getting renovations done due to the pandemic.  Brian reveals that Fleetwood Bank was always a top contender in choosing who to bank with because it was a community bank headquartered in his county. Prior to Fleetwood Bank, he had dealt with national banks and explained the complicated process of “jumping through hoops from hierarchy to hierarchy, being transferred to different lenders in different time zones to get simple products done.”

Coincidentally, Brian ran into his old-time neighbor and CEO of Fleetwood Bank, Tim Snyder, at a dinner party. He was then connected with Fleetwood Bank’s team of relationship managers who provided him with the guidance and proper financial products to move forward with his plans in opening his practice in Berks County. 

"With Fleetwood Bank, their lenders live right near me and because of that they understand my vision and are able to get a resolution to an issue the same day. Their level of customer service is second to none and they make the process very simple from start to finish."

Brian emphasizes the difference it made when banking local instead of a national bank and looks forward to future opportunities with Fleetwood Bank as he expands his business. To learn more about Frutchey Endodontics, visit his website here

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