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Fraud and Scams Are on the Rise

Fleetwood Bank will NEVER call and ask for confidential information over the phone.

It has come to our attention that several customers in the area have taken calls from numbers that appear to be from Fleetwood Bank, as presented to them on their caller ID, but it is actually a scammer.

These callers are asking customers for confidential information, such as:

  • Social Security Number
  • Account Numbers
  • PINs or one-time passcode
  • Passwords (such as log-in for your  online banking)
  • Date of Birth

They have created a scenario where they are calling about bank business and then need to engage Microsoft Support to remote into their customer’s computer. 

Although this particular scam is coming through a phone call, it is also important to note that Fleetwood Bank will never contact you for such personal information through email, text message, or written communication.


  • Do NOT provide any information and hang up immediately.
  • Report the incident to us directly by contacting your local branch or calling our main number at 610.944.7666.
  • If necessary, you can also report the incident to local law enforcement.
  • Be sure to monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity to be safe.
In the event that you have provided any bank information or access to your online banking, please contact us immediately.


According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers lost nearly $8.8 billion in scams in 2022, and the FTC received fraud reports from over 2.4 million consumers. Here’s some best practices and important reminders to help keep you from becoming part of these alarming statistics:

  • Monitor your accounts on a daily basis. Take advantage of Fleetwood Bank’s online banking so you can access your accounts and statements 24/7 via our mobile banking app. This allows you to keep an eye on whether or not a check has cleared.
  • When making purchases online, consider using your credit card instead of your debit card. Using your debit card could potentially give criminals direct access to your liquid funds.
  • Be on the lookout for phone scams! Often times, scammers will say you were “selected” as a winner or you need to pay taxes or some other debt over the phone immediately in order to avoid being arrested, fined or deported. Never give out your account number or social security number over the phone. The government only communicates through the mail, and Fleetwood Bank will never call you and ask for this information over the phone. If this happens, you should hang up and dial the main line at 610.944.7666 to notify a member of our team so we can put an alert on your account. Even if the caller ID says Fleetwood Bank, you should call us so we are properly notified. Phone numbers can easily be masked or changed in today’s world.
  • Be wary of gift card scams! These are currently popular, and they get even worse during the holiday season. If you receive a phone call asking someone to pay them with a gift card in order to do things such as keep your Social Security benefits, keep your utilities on, pay for a family member in trouble, pay bail or ransom, or avoid arrest or deportation you have been victim of a scam. Learn more at
  • is another great resource that offers many tips and insight on what to look out for to avoid being scammed.
  • If you were scammed or think you saw a scam, it is recommended to report it to the Federal Trade Commission at

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