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Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Commercial and Agricultural Loans

Fleetwood Bank offers lines of credit and term loans for a variety of commercial needs. If you are buying equipment, financing real estate, purchasing livestock or expanding your business, Fleetwood Bank has a financing solution for you. Our team of experienced lenders is able to structure the type of loan that will meet your needs, with all decisions being made locally. We offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and most importantly, we look at every application as an opportunity to build a true working relationship with our customers.

Commercial Mortgages are for the purpose of acquiring or refinancing an owner occupied or non-owner occupied investment property. Permanent financing is provided for the acquisition of a new office, warehouse, manufacturing facility or a new farm. For real estate investments, we finance commercial, retail, and both single and multi-family residential properties.

Commercial Construction Loans provide a means for the new construction of office, retail, multi-family or manufacturing facilities, as well as agricultural structures. A construction loan can be a standalone transaction or can be rolled into permanent financing by Fleetwood Bank.

Fleetwood Bank provides the financing for residential tract developments, as well as a line of credit to build homes within that development.

Commercial Term Loans are used for financing virtually any type of office or manufacturing equipment, vehicles, livestock, or farm equipment. Loan maturities are based on the expected useful life of the equipment financed.

Cyclical businesses that experience uneven cash flow throughout the year, or who need to fund rapid growth, can benefit from a Working Capital Line of Credit. Fleetwood Bank can provide a line of credit or short term loan to supplement the business’ cash flow.

SBA Guaranteed Loans allow banks to extend credit to businesses who may not have established the steady sources of income or collateral that banks normally look for when approving credit. The U.S. Small Business Administration guarantees up to 75% of the loan amount. This allows businesses to obtain credit and reach their potential, where it may normally not be available.

Variable and fixed rates are available depending on your goals and the Bank’s expectations of the market. For specific rate information, please contact a Fleetwood Bank Commercial Lender.

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