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Tips on keeping your online banking secure with Fleetwood Bank
  • Log in to your online banking account on a regular basis. It only takes a few minutes to keep track of your finances and ensure everything is okay.
  • Never use a public Internet “café” to do banking transactions. Don’t ever key in your social security number or account numbers if not on a secure computer. Keystroke loggers can obtain this information from what you type.
  • Never access Fleetwood Bank account information through a link that was sent to you via email. Even if this link looks authentic, it is not legitimate.  If ever in doubt, don’t give information out. Instead, call us at 610-944-7666 and we will verify whether we contacted you.
  • Don’t give out personal information if someone who claims to be from Fleetwood Bank contacts you by phone or email asking you for your account number or social security number. We, at Fleetwood Bank, would already know this information through our database and we will never ask you for this information via phone or email.
  • Never save your password on your computer. Always type your password in. Also, to be more secure, change your password every three months. If you suspect a problem with any of your bank accounts, call Fleetwood Bank immediately.
  • Consider purchasing software to protect your computer such as anti-spyware, firewalls, and anti-virus software to make your computer more secure from virus or hackers.
  • Fleetwood Bank’s Internet banking has multifactor authentication. This means when you sign into Fleetwood Bank’s Internet banking website, your profile and your computer information are securely stored to be recognized by our Internet banking system. If for any reason our Internet banking service suspects a problem, you will be asked to receive a secure access code. This code will only be received at designated emails or phone numbers that you have selected and are included in your profile. 
  • Please contact Fleetwood Bank immediately if you suspect any security issues with your accounts.

  • Business/Commercial customers should prepare their own annual risk assessment based on any ACH or Payroll transactions and also their authorized users within Internet Banking.  Dollar limits and dual control features for Commercial customers are available within our Internet Banking system for added security.