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In 1907, the bank opened its doors for business. By 1919, a three story building was renovated which housed the bank, a Post Office, quoiting club, dentist and a jeweler. Then in 1921, the bank moved into the new building, our current location. The bank's name was The First National Bank & Trust Co. of Fleetwood, however in 1934, the name changed to The First National Bank in Fleetwood.   In 2006, the bank became a state chartered bank, in which the name was officially changed to Fleetwood Bank.

Come along for the ride. Fleetwood Bank is "what you want your bank to be".


Franklin M. Brown Jr.-Assistant Secretary
Ronald H. Frey-Chairman
Franklin S. Hoch - Treasurer
Donald E. Kreps
Richard L. Meares-President and CEO
Peter R. Merkel-Secretary
Bruce C. Rhoads 


Walter R. Christ
Kenneth W. Miller
Harold W. Schuler